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Birthday countdown

Published: 12/27/2021 Last updated: 12/27/2021
The birthday is one of the most important days of the year for many people. And we aren’t surprised. Celebrating the next year by being alive at an awesome party with your family and friends, getting gifts, checking goals which you achieved – all these things are incredible. And it’s understandable that some of you just can’t wait to celebrate your birthday. That’s why we created the birthday countdown tool.
Birthday countdown

So if you are looking for a tool dedicated to birthday countdown, or just want to know how to count days left until your birthday, you are in the right place. Here you will learn everything about that. So let’s start the article.

Are you looking forward to your birthday?

What do you feel when you think about your birthday? Are you looking forward to that day? Do you feel some kind of excitement? For people like you, we created our birthday countdown, so here you are!

After reading our article and checking our birthday countdown, you will be able to count days left until your (and not only) birthday whenever you want and wherever you are. It sounds amazing, isn’t it? So without any further ado, let's see the practical side of the birthday countdown. If you want to know your exact age, check also our chronological age calculator.

How to count days left until your birthday?

To count days left until your birthday, you don’t have to use a dedicated tool. It is also possible to make it on your own. And before we show you our birthday countdown app, sometimes called the birthday calculator, we will show you also how you can make calculations by yourself. Why? Firstly, to teach you some new skills, secondly, to show you the difference in these two methods.

So, how to count the days left until your birthday? First, you need to know when your birthday is. Then you can calculate how many days of the month in which you have a birthday is before the exact date of your birthday. Then you need to calculate the days of the all remaining months between the current date and the month before your birthday. And then you need to calculate the days of the current month until its end. At the end, just add these 3 numbers which you got before.

Of course, sometimes the calculations can be easier, for instance, if you want to check how many days until your birthday which is in the same month. Then you just need to calculate days between two dates of the same month. But this example is so much easier than the previous one, and we are sure that all of you can make the calculations like that without any explanation on our part, so we are going to show you the first one in practice only.

So have a look at the practical example of counting days left until your birthday. Let’s see the data first:

For instance, your birthday is on 26 January. And now it is 29 November 2021.

So make the calculations in 4 simple steps.

Step one: Count the days of the month in which you have a birthday, in this case in January, from the beginning till the exact day of your birthday, in this case 26.

So from 1 to 26 January are 25 days. Look at the calculations to make it clear:

26 - 1 = 25

Step two: Count the days of the full months between the current date and the month of your birth. In this case calculate the days of December only, because it’s November now, so it means it’s not a full month left, and January is the month in which you have your birthday.

You can check how many days December has in the calendar on your phone, paper calendar, or just google it.

And the answer is 31. December has 31 days.

Step three: Count the days of the current month till its end. Today is 29 November, and November has 30 days. So it means you need to subtract 29 from 30. The calculations are down below.

30 - 29 = 1

Step four: Add all these numbers which you got in the previous 3 steps.

The calculations will look as follows:

25 + 31 + 1 = 57

And here is your result. Until your birthday, there are 57 days left.

Was it difficult? We don’t think it was so difficult. But obviously it took so long and could be tiring. So we understand that most of you just prefer to have a tool dedicated to the birthday countdown. And we are going to show this tool to you in the next part.

Easy birthday countdown

You can count how many days are left until your birthday easier, quicker, without almost any effort, but with so much fun. Everything thanks to our birthday countdown. What is it? Let us introduce it to you.

The birthday countdown is an app dedicated to counting days until a birthday. But not only just days. It is a more accurate app. You will see even how many seconds are left until your birthday! Thanks to this, the birthday countdown will be more fun or even magical. But let’s better see what our birthday countdown can do than just describe it.

How to use our birthday countdown?

Using our birthday countdown won’t cause any trouble to all of you, we are sure. We promise, it is easier than counting how much time is left until your birthday on your own. The basic thing you need to use our app is to know when your birthday is. All the other pieces of information are additional.

So, how to use our birthday countdown? Just go on the page with our app and pick the date of your birth from the calendar. Then press the ‘calculate’ button to see how long you need to wait for your next birthday. That’s all!

If you want, you can also use additional features of our birthday countdown. We made it in a way which will allow you to maximize personalization. So besides you pick the date of your birth, you can also enter your name or even name the countdown in the way you want.

But that’s not all. We know that most of you celebrate your birthdays at parties with family and friends. If you prepare an extra party for your close ones and want to make them wait for that day with you, you can share your birthday countdown with them. Isn’t it amazing to be able to wait for such a beautiful day with your family or friends? We think it absolutely is!

Birthday countdown – the summary

We are sure that now the topic of birthday countdown is not a mystery for you. We hope you are able to count days until your days on your own thanks to our explanation. We are also sure that you don’t have any trouble with using our birthday countdown.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s use our app to make a birthday countdown and share your result with family and friends! Have a nice birthday party!

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