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How to calculate your age in seconds?

Published: 2/24/2022 Last updated: 2/24/2022
How to calculate your age in seconds?
How to calculate your age in seconds? Is it a skill which you want to learn? Are you curious about how many seconds you are alive? This article is for you! We prepared for you a compendium about calculating age in seconds. With us, you will finally learn how to make it on your own and see that there are tools thanks to which any calculations of age are quicker and easier. So, without any further ado, let’s start. Please, be focused!

Calculate age in seconds step by step

To calculate age in seconds you need to know your chronological age. Of course, when you want as accurate a result as possible, you need to know not just age in years, but in years, months and days. Or even minutes! But remember, the more precise data, the more complicated calculations, so let’s be ready for it.

But first things first. Before you start calculations, accurate or just abbreviated, you need to know how to convert some units of time to seconds. So we prepared a chart for you. You can find it down below:

Unit of time



31 556 926


2 629 743.83


84 600



So let’s quickly sum up what you see above. One year is just 31 556 926 seconds. One month is 2 629 743.83 seconds. The result is not round, because different months have different lengths. At the end, also different numbers of seconds. One day has 84 600 seconds and one minute has 60 seconds. That’s all you need to make calculations.

So it’s time for an example! Suppose you were born in 1995. So in 2021 you are 26 years old. How to calculate your age in seconds? You just need to convert years into seconds. So you have to multiply 26 by 31 556 926. The calculations will look like this:

26 * 31 556 926 = 820 480 075

So if you are 26 years old, you are 820 480 075 seconds old.

But what if you want to get a more accurate result? Let’s check it. For instance, you were born on 12 May 1995. So you are 26 years, 7 months and 1 day. We know from the previous example what is the equivalent of 26 years in seconds, so we don’t need to calculate it once again. We will use the calculated result. But now let’s convert months and days into seconds.

First, convert 7 months into seconds. So multiply the number of months, that’s 7, by the number of seconds in one month, that’s 2 629 743.83. The calculations are down below:

7 * 2 629 743.83 = 18 408 206.81

And now let’s calculate days into seconds. There are only 1 day to convert, so multiply 1 by 84 600. It will look like this:

1 * 84 600 = 84 600

And now let’s add these three results to get the final result and see how old you are in seconds. So that’s the last step of how to calculate your age in seconds:

820 480 075 + 18 408 206.81 + 84 600 = 838 972 881.81

So you are 838 972 881.81 seconds old! This result is impressive, don’t you think?

Calculate age in seconds with online calculator

Maybe the obtained result is impressive, but getting it was not easy. The calculations like that are a little bit tiring, we know it. That’s why we created an online calculator. With this tool you don’t need to know how to calculate your age in seconds, this tool will make all the calculations for you. You just need to enter the date of your birth and press the ‘calculate’ button. Check it and enjoy your result!

How to calculate your age in seconds – the summary

Which method to calculate your age in seconds is your choice? Are you going to make your own calculations or use our age in seconds calculator? Regardless of the way which you picked, we hope that the result which you will get will be satisfied for you!

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