Retirement Age Calculator

Published: 1/16/2022 Last updated: 1/16/2022
Are you wondering how you can calculate your retirement age? Are you working for quite a long period and waiting for retirement? Are you wondering what the retirement ages are in the United States? You are in the right place. Welcome to our article entirely dedicated to retirement age. We are going to tell you all the basic pieces of information you will need to calculate retirement age, both on your own and with the use of our tool – retirement age calculator. So if you are ready, let’s start.
Retirement Age Calculator

What is my retirement age?

First things first. Do you know what the retirement age is? The retirement age is the age at which you can receive full retirement benefits upon leaving the workforce. It means, when you are at retirement age, you can stop working and leave just from your retirement benefits. Their amount depends on your income from all years in which you have worked.

Knowing what is my retirement age is important. Thanks to this knowledge, you can not only know how long you need to work, but also can check how much money you will get after you leave your work. Then you will be able to make more savings or change your work to work in which you will earn more to make your life better on retirement.

If you don’t know your retirement age yet, don’t worry. That’s why we prepared this article for you. In the next parts you will learn everything about the retirement age, calculating it and using our retirement age calculator. We promise, after reading this article, retirement age will not be a mystery anymore for you.

How do I calculate my retirement age?

Before we show you how to calculate your retirement age, you need to know that there is not just one number of retirement age in the United States. Your retirement age depends on the year in which you were born. The standard age for retirement is 67 years, but only for those who were born in 1960 or after. Then also 66 years for people born in 1943-1954. If you were born in 1955-1959, your retirement age is 66 years and 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 months, depending on the exact year of your birth. To understand it better, we prepared a clear table for you. So have a look.

The year in which you were born

Your retirement age

1960 and after

67 years


66 years and 10 months


66 years and 8 months


66 years and 6 months


66 years and 4 months


66 years and 2 months


66 years

We hope that this table dispels all your doubts. So, how do I calculate my retirement age on my own? There is nothing complicated, you just need to know your date of birth. Important – if you were born on 1st January, use the previous year to calculate your retirement age. Then, if you know the year in which you were born, just check your retirement age in the chart above. To make it simpler, we will show you this also in step by step instruction. Check it down below.

How do I calculate my retirement age?

  1. You need the year of your birth. Remember – if you were born on 1st January, you have to use the previous year.

  2. Then check your retirement age in the table above.

  3. That’s it. Now you know what your retirement age is.

Calculate years till retirement

As you can see, the calculations are so simple with this table. But what if you want to know how many years you need to work to retire? Then you need to calculate your chronological age and then subtract this number from the retirement age (for your year of birth). Have a look at the example to make it clear:

For instance, you were born in 1967. So in 2021 you are 54. If you want to calculate your age quicker, you can use our age calculator pearson. Your retirement age is 67. So now subtract 54 from 67. The calculations will look as follows:

67 - 54 = 13

So you need to work 13 years more to retire.

Calculate retirement age with the Retirement Age Calculator

You don’t have to check the table always when you want to know your retirement age. Moreover, you don’t have to remember this data too. You can know your retirement age in an easier, quicker way, without making any calculations or checking anything. How is it possible? All you have to do is to use our Retirement Age Calculator.

So, how to use our Retirement Age Calculator? You just need to enter the year of your birth and press the ‘calculate’ button. Then you will see your retirement age, that’s all! As you can see, there is no simpler way to know the retirement age than using our Retirement Age Calculator. You can also see the usage of our tool in 3 simple steps down below.

How to use the Retirement Age Calculator?

  1. Enter the year of your birth.

  2. Click the ‘calculate’ button.

  3. Enjoy the result! You finally know your retirement age.

Our Retirement Age Calculator you can use for totally free, whenever you want and wherever you are. So let’s go on the page and try it. We are sure you will love this tool! Calculating retirement age has never been so easy.

Retirement Age Calculator – the summary

And that’s all we have prepared for you today. Now you know what the retirement age is, what the kind of the retirement age is, how to calculate it on your own and also how to use our Retirement Age Calculator. In other words, you know everything you need in the case of retirement age and its calculations. So it’s your turn – use this knowledge in practice and check when you will be able to retire.

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